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If you were a drug, which one would you be and why?
Coke, of course. It's my drug of choice.

List your 7 favorite bands, and hope that they don't suck.
Neutral Milk Hotel, The Faint, Bright Eyes, Elliott Smith, Cat Power, Sublime, Cursive.

Drugs are in the movies, which makes them hella cool. State which drugs you like the most.
Coke, e, meth - anything speedy really, though I'll do just about anything I'm offered. Favorite drug movies: Fear & Loathing, Spun, Requiem For A Dream.

Do you do cocaine? If you don't, again don't bother.
Hell yeah. A quick question: how do you make yourself feel better during the comedown, aside from scoring more coke? Personally I like to take a few xannies & fall asleep.

Oh yeah name and age.
Marcia, 21.
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