x uhlizuhbeff x (escape_artist_x) wrote in the_drip,
x uhlizuhbeff x

[on the left.]

[us.. all high & stuff. ps i'm on the left.]

you're not cool enough to do dxm, dress up in a diaper, & trip over your pants.

If you were a drug, which one would you be and why?
dxm because it's the best drug out there.

List your 7 favorite bands, and hope that they don't suck.
son ambulance, yeah yeah yeahs, etid, savas, rick springfield, sublime, & the shins

Drugs are in the movies, which makes them hella cool. State which drugs you like the most.
dxm & ice.

Do you do cocaine? If you don't, again don't bother.
have done it.. don't do as much anymore.

Oh yeah name and age. (If you under 15 get the fuck offline and grow up first.)
elizabeth & 16
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that last picture..?
fuck no.

and dont ever do that again